Tofu in Peanut Sauce Recipe + Video

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Let me introduce you to the best tofu in peanut sauce ever! Crispy caramelized edges with a soft center coated in a divinely creamy peanut butter sauce then piled up high over the most luscious tropical noodles. Quick, easy and oil free recipe!

Tofu In Peanut Sauce

It’s my go to weeknight recipe for when you are craving something hearty, filling and comforting but also clean and good for you. Perfectly crisp bites of tofu tossed in a peanut sauce and served over slippery soba noodles dressed in a tropical basil mango sauce. A match made in heaven, a favorite combination to keep on repeat just like our orange tofu + sweet and sour tofu – these ones never gets old.



Ingredient Notes

  • The Tofu – You’ll need a firm block that is pressed well. My favorite way to crisp up the edges without drying the center is the air-fryer method. It’s just perfect, however you could bake it or pan sear instead if you prefer.
  • Noodles – organic buckwheat soba noodles dressed in this exotic basil mango sauce or an oil-free mango avocado sauce. Any whole grain ramen noodles like spelt or  millet/brown rice will also work just fine.
  • Peanut Butter – for the best sauce it’s important to start with a creamy peanut butter without any added oils or mysterious ingredients. The label should simply read: roasted peanuts + salt.

About the Sauce

  1. Whisk together creamy peanut butter, soy sauce, maple syrup, vinegar and a pinch of garlic powder until combined. (note: use Tamari for a gluten-free sauce).
  2. Pour the sauce into a skillet and bring to a bubble. Add the crispy air-fried tofu cubes and toss to coat well. Spoon over noodles and sprinkle with red pepper flakes and sesame seeds.
Air fried peanut tofu bowl with soba noodles in a raw mango avocado sauce

How to Make Perfect Crispy Tofu

  1. Start by pressing the tofu block and removing as much moisture as possible.
  2. Use your hand and tear the pressed tofu into irregular bite size pieces then pat them dry again. Toss with a pinch of salt, garlic powder and tapioca. Arrange In the air-fryer basket without touching each other, air fry @ 400″F  for 13 to 15 minutes giving the tray a nice shake halfway. Transfer to the pan with the sauce and coat well.

Can I bake the tofu in the oven ?

Preheat your oven to 425″F and bake the tofu pieces on a parchment lined baking sheet for 20 to maybe 23 minutes until just crispy around the edges. This timing will really depend on how well the tofu was pressed to begin with and how much moisture was left inside. Make suer to check halfway through cooking time and gage the doneness level.

Serving Ideas

On Storage

Although best enjoyed fresh, any leftovers can be refrigerated in lidded containers up to 5 days. They are best reheated in the microwave oven for 2 to 3 minutes.

how to make tofu in peanut sauce

Peanut Tofu
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Tofu in Peanut Sauce

The best crispy tofu bites coated in peanut sauce spooned over soba noodles dressed in a raw mango avocado sauce. Crispy air-fried caramelized edges and soft center piled up over the most luscious tropical noodles. Quick, easy and oil free!
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Prep Time:10 minutes
Cook Time:15 minutes
Press tofu:2 hours
Total Time:25 minutes


Peanut Butter Sauce:



Press the Tofu

  • Drain the tofu and wrap it in a lint free tea towel. Set on a plate and place a cutting board then a heavy pot or skillet on top. Press if for a couple of hours or prepare a day in advance. 
    14 oz block firm tofu
  • While the tofu is pressing prepare the noodles with mango sauce, rice or whatever you decide to serve with.
    8 oz soba noodles coated in mango basil sauce.
  • Use your hands and tear the pressed tofu into 1 inch irregular pieces. Pat dry again with a tea towel and transfer to a bowl.
  • Season the tofu with a light pinch of sea salt, garlic poder and sprinkle with the tapioca. Gently toss to coat. Arrange in the air-fryer basket / tray without touching each other.
    1 tbsp tapioca, sea salt
  • Air fry the tofu at 400”F for 13-15 minutes flipping it half way. 

Make the Peanut Butter Sauce

  • In a small bowl whisk together the peanut butter, soy sauce, maple syrup, vinegar and garlic powder until smooth and creamy. 
    2 tbsp creamy peanut butter, 2 tbsp soy sauce or tamari, 2 tbsp maple syrup, 3 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • Transfer the sauce to a skillet and cook over medium flame until thickened and sticky, about a minute or so.
  • Add the air-fried tofu to the sauce and toss to coat well all over. Hit it with a squeeze of fresh lime, sprinkle with sesame seeds, scallions, cilantro or basil. 
    1 tsp black sesame seeds, 1 pinch red pepper flakes,, 1/4 cup scallion + fresh cilantro


  • To make the recipe compliant swap the maple syrup for date syrup.
    Plantricious Friendly Recipe



  • Can i make it gluten-free? - Yes, just make sure to use gluten free tamari in the sauce and replace the soba noodles with rice noodles or coconut rice.
  • Can I use almond butter instead of peanut butter? - Sure but then you'll have almond tofu not peanut tofu, still delicious but not quite the same.
  • WFPB + Plantricious - swap the maple syrup for date syrup.
  • Best served with soba noodles in mango basil sauce or this avocado sauce.


Calories: 365kcal | Carbohydrates: 30g | Protein: 24g | Fat: 17g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 8g | Monounsaturated Fat: 6g | Sodium: 1093mg | Potassium: 253mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 15g | Vitamin A: 140IU | Vitamin C: 2mg | Calcium: 303mg | Iron: 4mg
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, Asian
Keyword: peanut sauce, tofu
Servings: 2 people
Calories: 365kcal
Author: Florentina

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  1. Incredible flavors, I had no hopes that tofu would ever taste this good. This whole combo is fantastic and yes I now love tofu and those noodles are insanely tasty. Favorite weeknight recipe this time of the year, can’t wait to make it again. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me 🙏🏼

  2. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for this special recipe. As I don‘t have an air fryer, I put the tofu in the oven at 400 degrees, for about 15 minutes. It turned out pretty good!

  3. The combination of delicious avocado mango sauce, crispy peanut tofu over al dente wheat soba noodles is delightful!
    I need to find other food to serve with this amazing sauce. Can’t wait to try some of your other tofu recipes!

  4. This tofu is amazing. I made it with the coconut green rice recipe ( used only one can of coconut milk , i thought two would be too rich) My family loved it!

  5. I made this last night for my family and it was a huge hit! Normally my kids refuse to even touch tofu, but this they loved! My son even asked for seconds. Thank you!

  6. I tried the oven method since I don’t have an air fryer, and it didn’t really turn out as I’d hoped. But my toddler ended up loving it, and he doesn’t usually like tofu. So I’ll definitely make it again!😄

  7. This tofu is INCREDIBLE!! My kids don’t always love when I make tofu but tonight I made this tofu (oven method bc no air fryer) and it was a major hit! I will double the recipe next time! I served it with the magi basil sauce and soba noodles and was a great pairing. I think next time we’ll try it with a basmati rice. The flavor in the tofu is all we need! Thank you!

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